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Is the Internet Lifestyle Network a Scam?

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Is the Internet Lifestyle Network a scam?

Internet Lifestyle Network scam

Is the Internet Lifestyle Network a scam? Ive touched on scams before, but I will tailor this post to tie in with the Internet Lifestyle Network itself.

What is your defination of a scam? Most peoples idea of a scam is not making any money in the opportunity at hand.

Lets break into this a little deeper, If you join the Internet Lifestyle Network and do NOTHING with the information they tell you in the videos and information guides, and don’t blog using their blog or any blog. Does that make the Internet Lifestyle Network a scam? No.. not at all. You failed to act, you failed to take action and you ultimately failed in the Internet Lifestyle Network. This doesn’t make it a scam.

Here’s a more common concept to work with, If you pay a full years gym membership in January and only go until March.. In December of that year would you look at your body and think, I was scammed? No.. you failed to act, you failed to get your ass down to the gym and pump some Iron.


Same concept applies with the Internet Lifestyle Network, they give you all the training you need to become more successful online, they give you products to learn from and they give the rights to resell those products for a generous 50% commission and they give you a blog to work from.

What is a scam?

A scam is a system thats been created to take money from people, offering minimal or no value for that money and ultimately putting you in a position of losing that money regardless of efforts made by yourself. On the Internet scams usually come in the form of systems promsing or guaranteeing to pay a return on an investment made by you, These are known as HYIP’s (High Yield Investment Programs) and Il be honest, If you read “My story” I openly say, this is where I started online. I fell for the BS I was fed and joined one of these scams called JustBeenPaid and eventually I got stung by them losing all the money I had invested in JustBeenPaid and being left with nothing. So I can speak from experience on this topic.

Internet lifestyle Network

Is the internet Lifestyle a scam?

In my opinion and from experience I absolutely do not think the Internet Lifestyle Network is a scam and not even on the same level as some of the legitimate business opportunities out there, its much higher. Ive given the Internet lifestyle Network the green light

Internet lifestyle Network Green light

What do the Internet Lifestyle Network have to offer you?

A blog

Training on how to run that blog, how to blog correctly so you land on googles index.

Ash Campbell Internet Lifestyle Network blogger

Marketing Techniques 

On the internet you don’t just do one or two things to make sales, they teach you that diversifying your efforts can expand your income.

Internet lifestyle Network ash campbell






Social Media training

Not only will they cover training on this, I will as well. If you join the Internet Lifestyle Network with me Il be doing training on social media to ensure you have higher chances of success with us.

ash campbell internet lifestyle network


The content throughout each section is phenomenal value. Ive created another page outlining each segment

click Internet Lifestyle Network 

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